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Alec MacDonald-Factor

As the newest member of NW Public Affairs, Alec specializes in health care, education and affordable housing policy. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a BA in Political Science in 2019 and began working in the Oregon State Capitol as a legislative assistant to Representative Andrea Salinas. In this role, Alec became an expert in every step of the legislative process: submitting bill and amendment requests, writing persuasive materials or speeches, and testifying. He knows how to work with legislative counsel, other legislators, and with advocates on both sides of issues to find the common ground necessary to keep bills moving forward. Having spent two sessions on the legislative staff side, he knows what it takes for a lobbyist to be considered a trustworthy, reliable source of information and a successful advocate. During the Covid shutdown, Alec worked tirelessly to handle incoming casework by connecting constituents with the appropriate resources or state agency, including personally assisting more than 100 people experiencing the crisis of sudden loss of income to try to secure unemployment benefits.

Growing up in Eugene and SW Portland, Alec is a native Oregonian who has a sport and passion for every season. Outside of work, he enjoys winter skiing; spring running; summer backpacking, Oregon Country Fair and live concerts; and fall Oregon football games.