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We help clients turn ideas and concepts into sound legislation.

We have a proven track record of bringing about positive policy changes in Salem.

Our success lies in our:

  • Expertise in the legislative process
  • Strategic communication
  • Quality relationships
  • Hard work

Our Services

We offer services to advance our clients’ public policy agenda in Oregon:

  • Lobbying in the Oregon State Legislature
  • Association Management
  • Public Relations/Media Support
  • Political Contributions Oversight
  • Research-Based Communications Consulting

In all of our services, we value:

  • Clear communication: We frame issues in a way that everyone at the table understands.
  • Timeliness: We work diligently to ensure that decision-makers receive information fast.
  • Collaboration: We ensure all voices are heard and perspectives are taken into consideration.
  • Understanding all angles: We gather accurate information on stakeholders’ and legislators’ views.
  • Awareness of political dynamics: We understand how particular issues fit in the broader context of state government, the economy and current leadership.