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Phil Donovan – Principal
Ryan Fisher – Senior Associate
Amanda Hess - Associate
Laura Curtis – Associate
Jennifer Donovan – Associate
Meet Our Team NWPA lobbyists are respected by Democrats, Republicans, the Governor’s office, and state agency leaders. Our team is guided by:
  • Mutual respect and trust
  • Strong leadership by example
  • Frequent communication and sharing of information
  • Utilizing resources wisely

Phil Donovan, Principal

Phil Donovan – Principal

Phil founded NW Public Affairs in 1999 and has grown it into one of the top government affairs firms in the state. In Oregon politics, Phil is known for motivating and inspiring those who work with him, bringing together diverse coalitions, his deep understanding of complex legislative and political issues, and his composure under pressure.

As the lead lobbyist and strategist at NW Public Affairs, Phil assists clients with strategic planning and major legislative efforts on issues ranging from K-12 education and state university governance to land use and tax policies. Phil has represented a number of high profile interests in the State Legislature that have led to K-12 and higher education reform, water resource development, and improvements in the delivery of health care. He has also managed winning campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels.

A native Oregonian, Phil grew up on a Christmas tree farm near Corvallis. Fishing and golf are his passions outside of work. Phil has guided fly fishing adventures in Alaska and river rafting trips on the Deschutes, McKenzie, and North Santiam rivers in Oregon.

Phil received a B.A. in Political Science with honors from the University of Oregon and was awarded the Koyl Cup, Student of the Year.


Ryan Fisher, Senior Associate

Ryan is a well-respected lobbyist, specializing in health, human services, and housing policies. Legislators, advocates and clients alike recognize Ryan for his hard work, collaborative nature, positive attitude, and excellent political instincts.

In every legislative effort, Ryan actively seeks out public opinion and academic research, engages people directly affected by policy decisions in discussions, and successfully aligns diverse coalitions. He is able to break down complex issues in an understandable manner. These skills have led to many successful outcomes for his clients during difficult budget cycles.

Before working at NW Public Affairs, Ryan was a graduate coordinator for the Comparative Literature program at University of Texas and worked for the Michener Center for Writers. He also served as a Co-Chair for the Human Services Coalition of Oregon between 2010 and 2012. Ryan and his family enjoy Portland’s many cultural opportunities. He is a talented musician who toured and performed original music as lead singer of an Austin-based rock band.

Ryan holds a B.A. in English from University of Texas, Austin.


Amanda Hess, Associate

Amanda Hess - Associate

Amanda is a skilled communicator with extensive experience in crafting sound policy, including four years as legislative staff in the Oregon State Senate. Amanda is highly regarded among legislators, agency heads, advocates, lobbyists, and staff as someone with integrity, intelligence, and initiative. As a former rugby player, she is also a strong force in tough negotiations. Above all, Amanda prides herself on delivering results and building strong, genuine relationships.

Prior to her work in state politics, Amanda worked in urban planning at Metro and in communications and advocacy for various nonprofit organizations. In her spare time, she serves on a board at Basic Rights Oregon and enjoys cooking, good documentaries, and quality time with her partner and friends. Ask her sometime about her experience cycling across the country!

Amanda graduated Magna Cum Laude from Carleton College with a B.A. in Political Science. She is an MBA candidate at Portland State University.


Laura Curtis, Associate

Laura Curtis – Associate

At NW Public Affairs, ​Laura coordinates events and legislative activities with efficiency and ease. Clients count on her diligence and resourcefulness when budgets must be carefully monitored. She served as Chief of Staff for Senator Alan Bates during the 2013 Legislative Session and made an easy transition to lobbyist for the 2015 session.

Outside of her work in politics, Laura is a singer/songwriter and has released three albums of original music over the past several years. Listen in at http://lauracurtismusic.com. She enjoys hiking, painting, metal detecting and creative writing.

Laura graduated ​with honors ​from Willamette University in Politics​ with a focus on Public Policy.


Jennifer Donovan, Associate

Jennifer Donovan - Associate

Jennifer manages operations and marketing for NW Public Affairs. Her effective writing, public relations, and project management skills are critical assets to the firm, as is the optimism and creativity she brings to everything she does. Jennifer works part-time at NWPA while she raises Lucia, Margot and Marcus.

Growing up in rural Beavercreek as the daughter of a six-term state legislator and traveling to all parts of the state, Jennifer has spent her life learning about issues important to Oregonians. After college, she worked for a Swedish company leading American high school students around France, picking them up in a tour bus at the airport in Paris and whisking them away on 2-3 week explorations through the French countryside.

Before joining NW Public Affairs, Jennifer managed advertising and ballot measure campaigns for clients such as Portland General Electric and Oregon Health & Science University.

Jennifer received a B.A. in Political Science at Willamette University.